Jaar: c 1920
Kwaliteit: Zie beschrijving
Uitgever: Leipzig: Leipziger Schulbilderverlag F. E. Wachsmuth
Beschrijving: Chromolithograph., Stone-print., by Franz Bukacz ( Artist Signed in the image) ., Actual image size: 61 Cm x 82 Cm. = aprox. 24 Inches x 32,3 Inches., Paper Size : 66 Cm x 87,9 Cm. = aprox. 26 Inches x 34,3 Inches. The paper lithograph is mounted on cardboard (0,4 Cm.) ., Edges seamed with red linen. In the top margin 4 suspension eyes are present.
Inhoudelijke beschrijving: German teaching method: Ausländische Kulturpflanzen. (= Foreign cultivated plants ), China (?) Charming picture with numerous people harvesting the tea leaves on the hillside. The tea is delivered to a shed where a furnish is used for quick drying. On top of the lithograph an insert shows the blooming , fruit and the leaves of the tea plant. These pictures were used in schools for teaching. Hung in front of the classroom and the teacher would explain the elements shown.
Specifieke beschrijving: Condition: Overall in good / used condition. No obvious damage to the picture. Natural wear to the edges. WE can suply a picture on request.
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